Search Engine Optimization (SEO) – Your Key to High Search Engine Ranking

When your customers pull out their mobile device to find a local business, or they search online for a product or service, will they find you or will they pull up a competitor’s site first?  Just having a website isn’t enough.  If you want to stay competitive in the online marketplace you need search engine optimization (SEO).

Otherwise your customers will never find you.

High Search Engine Rankings from the Big Apple

From our offices on Madison Avenue and on Long Island, NY CORE Interactive has more than a decade of experience in search engine optimization and digital marketing.  By digging deep into your market, industry and business we customize a suite of SEO services with a focused strategy to deliver real results.

  • Consistent higher levels of traffic from within your target audience flowing to specific pages within your sales funnel
  • Laser-targeted traffic ensuring higher conversion rates, more leads and more sales thanks to exhaustive keyword research
  • Higher profits from top search placements, whether we work with landing pages, sales pages or product descriptions
  • Better credibility with your audience, because consumers put their trust in brands at the top of the search results
  • Increased referrals, better customer retention and a natural increase in back links

At CORE Interactive, we have spent years working with local NY businesses and organizations around the country to improve their search engine rankings.  You will benefit from our drive to constantly evolve our methods based on current landscape of search so no matter how the web changes – Core is right there keeping your site on the map.

Search Engine Optimization Your Brand Can Count On

While some search engine optimization (SEO) services in the New York area and abroad put a strong emphasis on link building, at Core we recognize the importance of value-based SEO with a focus on fluid strategy and a suite of tools.

Research and Analysis – Before anything else, we conduct exhaustive research into your business, your target audience, your competitors and the best keywords we can use to help your business become visible on the web.  We want to know how your competitors are reaching out to your target audience.

Based on this insight, we can then help you do it better while getting you a higher search engine rank.

Content Optimization – Search engine optimization starts on your website.  Off-page strategies won’t work until we build relevancy within your domain.  We utilize a professional team of SEO copywriters who can optimize your content in a natural way why improving and maintaining the conversion rates of your sales funnel.

Off-site SEO – All the work we do off-site to establish relevancy is based on a variety of factors including your industry, audience, goals, performance indicators and business model.  At Core, our strategies go far beyond link building packages to give you the best results.

Content Strategies – Our team of SEO specialists help you formulate a winning content strategy that will connect you to your audience and improve search visibility with content such as blogs, press releases, audio, video, articles, social media content and more.

Local Optimization – Whether you want your business visible in the New York area or another metro region, we can help you establish a local presence to significantly improve business.  Our localized search engine optimization will drive traffic and improve visibility with geo-targeted searches – even on mobile devices.

Get Visible. Get Traffic. Start Building Sales with Search Engine Optimization

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