PPC Marketing – Pay-Per-Click Marketing Made Simple

An effective internet marketing strategy relies on more than just a few simple tactics.  Aside from traditional digital marketing to boost organic visibility, organizations of any size and budget can benefit from pay-per-click marketing and digital ad campaigns to provide immediate revenue increases.

CORE Interactive is a full service PPC (pay-per-click) marketing agency located on Long Island, NY and offers complete PPC programs that utilize your primary and long-tail keywords to create and manage highly-effective, compelling ads that generate clicks, traffic and conversions.

You might be surprised by the number of customers that are searching the web for what you offer – it is time to make sure they can find you.

Advertise Today – Get Results Today with Pay-Per-Click Marketing

While SEO and other digital marketing tactics can take time to produce results, PPC marketing can produce instantaneous results once ads go live.  For businesses that want to have an immediate impact in their market, few other ad models can have the same impact as pay-per-click marketing.

Get immediate visibility – Live ads written effectively can show on the front page of search results as well as in-line with content among partner networks of Google, Yahoo and Bing.

Maximum ROI – Testing ad variations makes it easy to determine the most effective advertisements in the shortest amount of time to maximize the profit and relevant traffic you see from your ad campaigns.

Drive traffic – You can laser-target specific segments of your target audience, sending them to landing pages on your website that are the most relevant to their search query and interests.

Reduce Costs – An effective pay-per-click marketing campaign can cost significantly less than traditional advertising with conversion rates as high as 40% or more.  With strategic campaigns and planning, CORE Interactive can even reduce your cost-per-click for competitive keywords.

Hands-Free PPC Marketing from CORE Interactive

As part of each pay-per-click marketing campaign, we perform a large number of tasks including (but not limited to):

  • Defining campaign strategies to designate ad groups based on content and goals
  • Advanced keyword research and selection for the most appropriate, relevant keywords to match your goals
  • Creative development to generate compelling, rich ad content to grab the attention of search users
  • Identifying the most appropriate landing pages for each ad or developing a strategy to create custom pages
  • Implementing conversion tracking for each PPC campaign
  • Create ad variations and split test PPC ads to maximize conversions
  • Daily monitoring of PPC accounts
  • Monthly analysis and reporting
  • Campaign assessment and recommendations

The customers you’re looking for are looking for you right now.  With CORE Interactive, our PPC marketing ensures that your business consistently shows up for those searches.

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