Internet Marketing Services – When Your Business Depends on Visibility

Every industry, every business and every website is different.  That means you need a truly unique approach to Internet marketing if you want to stand out and be successful.  CORE Interactive has designed a suite of Internet marketing services to help your organization run a successful digital marketing campaign that will get results.

The Perfect Internet Marketing Blueprint

While some of our customers are able to select services they know they need in order to get ahead, others require a more robust and educational approach.  If you need help discovering the best methods to beat out your competitors and connect with your target audience, we can put together a complete Internet marketing blueprint that will increase your bottom line and ultimately improve your return on investment.

Internet Marketing Services that Increase Traffic AND Conversions

Market Analysis and Research – We provide a comprehensive Internet marketing analysis that compares you with your competition.  This helps us identify strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats (SWOT analysis).  We can also measure and research your industry, target audience, current site/sales funnel performance and provide you with a complete rundown on the most effective keywords/key phrases to target for maximum visibility online.

Link Building – Creating backlinks for your site is one of the building blocks of gaining visibility in the search results, but building links is about quality, not quantity.  We develop quality backlinks to your site that not only help to establish you as a relevant hub where search algorithms are concerned, but also to generate referral traffic through strategic link placement.

Search Engine Optimization – SEO is about more than plugging keywords into your site.  We perform a complete site audit to see where improvements can be made before we take action with our other internet marketing services. On-page SEO and the structure of your content play an integral role in the success of your overall digital marketing strategy.

Content Marketing – SEO can boost visibility, but it’s the value of your content that will wow customers and clients.  Content marketing is applicable to any business model and incorporates a number of services including:

  • Blogging
  • Onsite and Offsite Article Content Creation
  • Press Releases
  • Podcasts/Audio
  • Video Marketing
  • White Papers
  • eBooks
  • Email

We build custom content marketing programs designed specifically for your business to supplement your overall Internet marketing strategy, site content, SEO, goals and customer engagement.  With content marketing, you become an engaging and interactive solution on the web – and your customers will readily return to you for repeat business.

Local Search – Local listings are the lifeblood of many small, region-specific businesses.  Our Internet marketing services are designed to help businesses of any size establish a local presence through local business directories, business listings and establishing relevancy for geo-specific search terms.

Brand Yourself and Get Results with CORE Interactive’s Internet Marketing Services

Each of the services we offer come together to create a dynamic strategy catered to your business.  When successfully implemented, the results you see can be long-lasting.

  • Improve search visibility with higher search engine rank for your landing pages
  • Increase targeted traffic from specific keywords and phrases customers use to find your products/services
  • Funnel specific audiences to targeted landing pages to improve conversion rates
  • Improve quality scores for ad campaigns to reduce cost-per-click
  • Reduce bounce rates on your site and keep customers engaged longer
  • Educate customers in the buy cycle to improve likelihood of conversion

With CORE Interactive, Internet marketing is about more than just SEO.  We go after your goals and needs from every possible angle to maximize profit and visibility as a result of implementing a strategic Internet marketing campaign.

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