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CORE Interactive is an Internet Marketing Company with offices in NYC on Madison Avenue and on Long Island, NY. We have more than a decade of experience in improving clients search visibility with our SEO, PPC, Social Media Marketing, Copy Writing, Web Design, and Analytics programs. As New York’s leading Internet and Digital Marketing Company, we empower your organization with web strategies, cutting edge technology and creative excellence that will bring your organization to its highest level of performance and profitability.

Maximize your search engine visibility and online traffic with an advanced Internet Marketing program from CORE Interactive. Our Digital Marketing strategies include creating robust campaigns using SEO, PPC, Social Media Marketing and Copy Writing services that are guaranteed to further expand your digital footprint and drive traffic.

No matter the size of your organization, CORE Interactive will work with you to create a digital marketing plan for a well-rounded Internet marketing program that will assure long-term success in securing a dominant portion of your market share.

As New York’s leading Digital Marketing Company, CORE Interactive helps you get started with creative Internet Marketing strategies that will drive your brand forward!

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Improve Organic Visibility on the Web
Appearing in search results and obtaining high search engine rankings is about more than just SEO and link building. If you want your customers to find your site for targeted keywords, you need an Internet marketing company with the right tools, and the experience to use them.
Discover how CORE Interactive uses competitive digital research, keyword analysis, high-caliber SEO copywriting, on-site and off-site content strategies, conversion optimization and deep analytics to help you dominate the search results in your market.

Discover Your Target Audience
If you don’t have a Digital Marketing strategy that identifies who you’re marketing to online, you won’t attract highly targeted traffic that converts into customers. CORE Interactive’s Internet Marketing specialists have over a decade of experience in researching the digital landscape to identify who your best target customers are. By using in-depth keyword research and analysis we provide insight on how to best engage those individuals, effectively maximizing conversion to boost your revenue producing opportunities.

Whether it’s through SEO, Social Media Marketing, PPC, Mobile Marketing or Email Marketing, when you choose CORE Interactive you choose an Internet marketing company who can help you discover the best channels for engagement.

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Enhance Your Website and Inspire Conversion
Compelling copywriting can only do so much for organizations trying to thrive on the web. To build credibility and inspire trust, you need to present your organization in a professional way. A custom website is not only aesthetically pleasing and easy to navigate; it accurately communicates your brand personality in a way that connects you to your customer.

Improve your customers’ experience by partnering with a digital marketing company who knows how to leverage professional web design to attract highly targeted traffic and improve conversion.

Engage with Social Media
Social media offers limitless potential in expanding brand visibility, inspiring engagement, generating leads, sales and ultimately greater profits – but only with the right strategy in place. With more than a decade of internet marketing under our belt, our company can help you develop custom tailored strategies across a variety of social platforms that put you in direct contact with your target audience.

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Limitless Resources for Growth
As a digital marketing company, we’ve worked with hundreds of local and regional businesses and our main goal is to always guide organizations in becoming leaders in their industry on the web. We’ve designed seminars, training workshops, resources and more to make it easy for any organization to take control of their digital marketing future.

Whether you’re trying to your build brand visibility or improve your social media marketing savvy to grow your reach across the Internet, CORE Interactive provides a suite of tools and knowledge that shows you how to leverage today’s most valuable Internet and digital marketing technology.

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